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22 May 2015

Industry and science sign cooperation agreement - Foundation for collaboration with bavAIRia e.V. laid

Munich, 22 May 2015 – Just three years after being established, the Ludwig Bölkow Campus in Ottobrunn is continuing on its path to success. As part of a joint event with the Bavarian Minister of Economics, Ilse Aigner, the CEO of the Airbus Group, Tom Enders and the Director General of the European Space Agency, Jean-Jacques Dordain in Ottobrunn [ more... ]

on 22 May 2015, the Ludwig Bölkow Campus GmbH and the Munich Aerospace e.V. research association signed a cooperation agreement governing collaboration between industry and science on the innovation campus.

A declaration of intent was also signed at the event between the Ludwig Bölkow Campus GmbH and Munich Aerospace e.V. on the one hand and bavAIRia e.V. on the other, which is responsible for managing the Aerospace cluster in Bavaria. Together with Director General Dordain, Ms Aigner announced the establishment of an ESA Business Incubation Centre in Ottobrunn. As early as the beginning of this year, Siemens and IABG joined the Ludwig Bölkow Campus GmbH, thereby complementing the Airbus Group as further partners.

Aigner: “The new centre will help us to create new companies from campus research projects, thus giving the Bavarian aerospace industry new impetus. The Ludwig Bölkow Campus GmbH has acquired two more strong partners in Siemens and the IABG. The cooperation agreement signed between the Ludwig Bölkow Campus GmbH and Munich Aerospace e.V. testifies to the fact that industry and science work hand in hand in Ottobrunn, where the future of aviation is taking shape. Our next step together with the bavAIRia e.V. Aerospace cluster will be to make direct access to research facilities and findings possible for medium-sized suppliers in the aerospace industry.”

“The growing interest in our innovation campus in Germany and increasingly also abroad shows that we’re on the right track,” said Alexander Mager, CEO of the Ludwig Bölkow Campus GmbH.

Professor Klaus Drechsler, Member of the Executive Board of Munich Aerospace e.V., added: “Close collaboration and networking between science and industry at the campus opens up completely new ways of working together within research and teaching.”

The Ludwig Bölkow Campus is a joint commitment involving the consortium partners Airbus, Siemens and IABG along with the Technical University of Munich, the Bundeswehr University Munich, the Munich University of Applied Sciences and Bauhaus Luftfahrt, with the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) as an additional partner. The Bavarian state government is supporting the establishment of the Ludwig Bölkow Campus by means of grants for innovative research projects in the fields of aerospace and security.

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