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Alpine AlgaeKerosene

The project “Alpine AlgaeKerosene” targets innovative solutions for the industrial production of sustainable biofuels. The project builds upon developments achieved in the previous “AlgenFlugKraft” project. A major focus of the current project phase is the transfer of the entire value chain, reflecting the conversion of phototrophic algae biomass into renewable aviation fuels, from laboratory into the pilot scale.


Project lead: 
Prof. Thomas Brück (TU Munich)

Project partners:
TU Munich, Bauhaus Luftfahrt

In that respect, the project takes advantage of microalgae’s ability to grow 10 times faster than comparable terrestrial plants without occupation of agricultural land. The project specific algae strains are preferentially cultivated in saline water, which enhances availability of the greenhouse gas CO2 for growth and simultaneously secures valuable fresh water sources for human and agricultural use. The conversion of the harvested algal biomass into renewable fuels through innovative catalytic procedures represents the final step in the production chain.