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Batteriesysteme für hybrid-elektrische Luftfahrantriebe

The future of aviation transportation will be highly influenced by the increasing use of renewable energies and thus electric propulsion systems will play an important role. The availability of a reliable, efficient and above all safe storage medium for electrical energy is therefore indispensable.


Project lead:
Florian Dorn (Airbus)

Project partners:
Airbus, LION Smart, TWT

The design and selection of such a safe battery system, as well as the knowledge about safety-critical behavior down to cell level is therefore a fundamental cornerstone of future electric aircraft propulsion systems. For this purpose, in BatSys the requirements for such an energy storage system will be specified and corresponding concepts will be derived and elaborated.  These concepts will be simulated with appropriate chemical and thermal models and will be validated with physical test performed in the battery test laboratory. With this proposed approach, the BatSys project will support and secure the availability of future aviation-compatible batteries.