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Autonomous Systems


Electric Unmanned Reconnaissance Optionally Piloted Airborne System

The goal of the EUROPAS project is to develop and apply novel technologies to demonstrate for the first time ever the use of electrically powered UL-class aircraft as unmanned sensor platforms with an optimal payload factor. Aircraft of the UL-class are between a Mini-UAS carrying a minimal payload and the heavy UAS incurring high cost.


Project lead:
Wolfgang Mohr (IABG)

Project partners:
IABG, ACENTISS, SILVER ATENA, TU Munich, Munich University, DLR, ZfT

The manned fully electrically powered technology demonstrator „ELIAS“ with a 320kg maximum take-off weight will serve as basis for development. Critical components such as robot pilot, enhanced performance electric propulsion system, fully electric retractable landing gear and a data link with electronic beam steering are to be developed and designed strictly in accordance with the directives on airworthiness certification for general air traffic. It is not possible however to follow a set certification process as it does not yet exist. The aircraft is designed as „pilot optional aircraft“ – i.e. with the option for human intervention in critical situations – which provides the necessary safety.