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26 July 2021

The CEOs of SurfLabX are warmly welcomed to the Ludwig Bölkow Campus (LBC). (from left to right): Christian Weimer (Head of Materials, Airbus CRT), Vittorio Vercillo, Norbert Karpen, Christian Herrles, Thilo Pinar (Managing Director, LBC), Andreas Schuster (Technical Manager, LBC)

Thilo Pinar (Managing Director, LBC), Andreas Schuster (Technical Manager, LBC) and Christian Weimer (Head of Materials, Airbus CRT) are happy to welcome Christian Herrles, Vittorio Vercillo and Norbert Karpen, directors of the newly founded SurfLabX GmbH, to the innovation cluster in Taufkirchen. Based on the many years of experience in the field of Surface Technology gained in the Central Research and Technology Department of Airbus, the three entrepreneurs want to set new standards in the development of aerodynamic efficient surface technologies.
“We are really looking forward to the cooperation possibilities with Airbus and all other technology start-ups on the LBC and are really excited about the developments over the next months!” says Christian Herrles, one of the young entrepreneurs.
"In addition to the aircraft configuration, efficient engines and optimised flight operations, aerodynamic surface technologies make a significant contribution to achieving aviation’s ambitious emission targets. The Ludwig Bölkow Campus creates an environment in which ideas become products. We warmly welcome SurfLabX as a new campus partner and wish them every success with the industrialisation of their products and services.", adds Thilo Pinar.

About the team: Christian, Vittorio and Norbert are former PhD students of the Materials Department of Airbus Central Research and Technology (CTO). Driven by the relevance of the technologies developed during their time in Airbus, they decided to start a company working towards a more sustainable aviation. The purpose of the company is to support customers in testing, developing and certifying novel materials, processes and systems for future products in the area of aerodynamic efficient surface technologies.