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The project „PowerLab“ marks the beginnings of a competence centre for hybrid and fully electric aircraft propulsion, following the ambitious vision of the „Flightpath 2050“ initiative of the European Commission for reducing CO2, NOx and noise emissions.


Project lead:
Dr. Peter Jänker (Airbus)

Project partners:
Airbus, Siemens, TU Munich, University of Federal Armed Forces Munich, Munich University, DLR, Bauhaus Luftfahrt

The PowerLab research laboratories are tasked with testing the viability of hybrid and fully electric propulsion systems in turboprop aircraft and rescue and ambulance helicopters. To this end the project partners will develop prototypes of the key components. On the PowerLab test bed experts will test lightweight and reliable propulsion motors, networks, energy storage systems and control computers for aircraft and helicopter energy management. Research will focus on innovative lightweight engineering concepts for the propulsion elements to achieve the high energy and output density required in aeronautics, with energy efficiency and reliability always being the foremost interest.